Short-term projects

Our research team is constantly working on the most complicated but nevertheless very interesting and up-to-date research projects. Our clients, no matter if they are mineral consulting or mining companies, universities or other government institutions, are always satisfied with provided results of our research.

In our routinely developed processing line we have archived a balance between the quality and productivity of our research. We will provide complete mineralogical data obtained on small samples (from 200 g up to 4 kg). All concentrates and tailings will be mounted in several monolayer polished sections and carefully studied under SEM. Reports will include the following sections, as appropriate: Table of contents, Summary, Introduction and scope of work, certificate of author(s), Sample preparation, Analytical methodology, Results, Discussion and Conclusions, Recommendations, References, and an Appendix (if applicable).

The most important results will be obtained using our own exclusive technologies (Electric-pulse Disaggregation, Hydroseparation and other techniques).

We work quickly (usually 1 sample/week) and efficiently (all heavy accessories — in several polished sections).

We work with very low geochemical concentrations (from 0.1 ppm of phase forming element) and detect all heavy mineral fines (grain size down to 3 µm).

We write final reports using our expertise in precious and base metal mineralogy.


As a constantly developing company CNT-MC Inc. is committed to expand the list of services available. Your requirements might be new for us and therefore, are very interesting! You are invited to contact us and make us aware of your research requirements and/or send information, or simply order our services on-line.